Consulting Services – International Marketing

AGBI provides Consulting Services in International Marketing and Export Management to USA Manufacturers and Services Providers that wish to conduct business in the Middle East or other markets.

In an era of unprecedented growth in global business activities, few regions of the world offer more untapped opportunity for US businesses and US products than the Middle East.

U.S. corporate giants like Chevron, Exxon, GE, 3M, IBM, Microsoft, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, General Motors, Caterpillar etc.., to name a few, are already actively engaged in the Middle East.

Major U.S. companies have internal expertise and the finances to gain access to market opportunities in and establish business linkages with local Middle Eastern firms.

On the other hand, medium to small US firms do not have the internal expertise to make them successful competitors in the Middle East market place. As such, they are seriously disadvantaged in accessing global business opportunities and establishing linkages with Middle Eastern firms.

This is where AGBI’s Consulting Services come in.

Our Head Office, located in Syracuse – New York and our Middle East Regional Office located in Amman – Jordan coordinate our clients’ activities in:

Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Yemen.

AGBI has five main Consulting Services activities related to Business Development in the Middle East. These are:

  1. Finding the right partners locally
  2. Establishing Distribution/Reps Networks
  3. Advising on and Assisting with Licensing Agreements’ formulation and negotiations
  4. IT Consulting services (SAP and others) as well as Avertra software products for the Utilities (water, wastewater, gas, electric) and Logistics companies
  5. Due to our long experience in Gates/Penstocks used for Flow Control, our company provides these related Consulting Services:
    a) Recommendations on type of gates to use for a certain application
    b) Performing Third party inspection of gates and witnessing factory tests of
    gates on behalf of customers, end users and contractors before they are
    shipped from the factory.
    c) Installation inspection, to make sure it is done according to Manufacturer’s recommendations and per the Submittals’ drawings as approved by the Project Owner.
    d) Analysis of existing installed damaged gates and recommended action to be taken.

We know local customs, habits etc.. in the various countries of the Middle East.
Our professional teams of managers and directors combine Arab and Western nationals, each with a wealth of business experience.

We understand the factors needed to succeed in the region’s challenging markets, and have a wealth of capabilities and experience to enable our clients to achieve their objectives. Our success speaks for itself.

Drawing from our extensive database and our varied experiences, we are able to provide Consulting Services and support to design and implement a given project successfully.

AGBI maintains a wide network of in-country affiliations with organizations and individuals at both local and national levels throughout the region. All of these affiliates are either nationals of the countries about which they consult or specialists with extensive practical experience in their respective disciplines.

As a result, AGBI has the ability to provide Consulting Services that combine technical skills with cultural sensitivity, which are essential to the unique socio-economic conditions present in each individual country of the Middle East.