Export Management Services


We Create Markets and Optimize your International sales and Increase revenues with NO investment AND with NO monetary risk to you.

Some of the more obvious benefits to you of having AGBI’s Services as your Export Management partner Internationally and more specifically in the Middle East are:

  1. We give you almost an immediate access to a very large “export” market.
  2. We send our own employees to you for training on your engineered products and services.
  3. We spend our money, time and resources to research our territory/markets for your engineered products and services.
  4. We buy, take title and resell your products, which means we take possession of the products and ship them overseas.
  5. We place orders on you from our New York office, which means a local US company is the buyer from you and you can reach this buyer and have recourse to it. You are assured payment.
  6. We eliminate for you the cost, hassle and legal headaches for collecting receivables and losing time, money and some receivables in the process.
  7. We make sure you get paid on time or ahead of time for all orders shipped to us, and not drag such payments depending on so many factors outside your control, as it happens at times even with some of your customers in the US/ North American market.
  8. We save you the time and hassle and cost to ship the products overseas and the various official paperwork that is associated with each export shipment, to work with forwarders and to work with various shipping companies and insurance agencies.
  9. We determine with you the players in this field, including competition.
  10. We define and discuss with you the best marketing methods for your engineered products and services.
  11. We are aware of local customs, habits, methods and laws of doing business. If and when we decide a Distribution or Representatives or Agents network need to be established, we select and appoint those Reps, Agents or Distributors that would promote and sell effectively and successfully your products in their local markets/cities.
  12. We relieve you from costly mistakes stemming from appointing the wrong Agent, Rep or Distributor, and then not be able to terminate him.

We provide Export Management Services for USA manufacturers that wish to export their Products and/or Services to the Middle East.

In an era of unprecedented growth in global business activities, few regions of the world offer more untapped opportunity for US businesses and US products than the Middle East.

U.S. corporate giants like Chevron, Exxon, GE, 3M, IBM, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, General Motors, Caterpillar etc.., to name a few, are already actively engaged in the Middle East.

Major U.S. companies have internal expertise to gain access to market opportunities in and establish business linkages with local Middle Eastern firms.

On the other hand, medium to small US firms do not have the internal expertise to make them successful competitors in the Middle East market place. As such, they are seriously disadvantaged in accessing global business opportunities and establishing linkages with Middle Eastern firms.

This is where AGBI’s Export Management Services come in.

Our Head Office located in Syracuse, New York and our main Regional Office in Amman, Jordan coordinate our activities in:

Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Yemen.

Here are the Credentials of our company as your Export Management partner:

  1. Mr. Abdallah Bseirani, President and Owner, has over 45 years of experience in doing business in the Middle East for USA Corporations.
    • Born in the Middle East and grew up in the Middle East,
    • Attended and graduated from French Schools in Lebanon thru High School
    • Graduated with BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan
    • Worked for a US Corporation (Carrier International Corp) covering the
      Middle Eastern countries, where he held various positions both in USA and
      overseas in Engineering, Sales, Marketing and Executive Management.
    • His last job with Carrier was President of a Manufacturing Subsidiary he
      helped start from scratch in Iran in 1973.
    • He successfully negotiated two manufacturing License Agreements /Technology Transfers in the Middle East
    • Established AGB International Management Corp. in 1976.
  2. We know local customs, habits etc.. in the various countries of the Middle East. Our professional teams of managers and directors combine Arab and Western nationals, each with a wealth of business experience.
  3. We understand the factors needed to succeed in the region’s challenging markets, and have a wealth of capabilities and experience to enable our clients to achieve their objectives. Our success speaks for itself.
  4. AGBI maintains a wide network of in-country affiliations with organizations and individuals at both local and national levels throughout the region. All of these affiliates are either nationals of the countries about which they consult or specialists with extensive practical experience in their respective disciplines.
  5. AGBI has the proven ability to provide Export Management services that combine technical skills with cultural sensitivity which are essential to the unique socio-economic conditions present in each individual country of the Middle East.
  6. We have a proven track record of success.