President’s Message – Our Mission

I mentioned to the first employee AGBI hired in 1976, Mr. Jim A. Collins, that at AGBI we just want to make a living and have fun while doing so, but we must always be guided and motivated by my personal core principles and values:


Jim, who upheld these principles, stayed with AGBI and was one of its key founding employees until he passed away in 1998.

Upon resigning from my last job with Carrier International in 1976 as President of a Carrier Manufacturing Subsidiary, I decided to start my own company in the International Business in general, and in Export Management in particular.

I wanted to dedicate myself, my time, my experience, and my resources to the objective of marketing and exporting excellent, proven and reliable US engineered products to the Middle Eastern markets where I felt there was a need for them.

My Passion is to give back to the two areas of the world I belong to that gave me so much.

I was born and raised in the Middle East until age 18. I was born in Aleppo, Syria and, since age 2, I grew up and was educated in French schools in Lebanon. I graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan with B.S and M.S degrees in Mechanical Engineering, where I became a member of Pi Tau Sigma and Tau Beta Pi. I worked for Giffels & Rossetti, a Consulting Engineering Firm in Detroit, Michigan before I joined Carrier International in Syracuse, New York in 1968.

At Carrier International, I held various positions in USA and in the Middle East in Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, and Management. My last position was President of Carrier International’s manufacturing subsidiary in Iran I was responsible to build.

Thus, by establishing AGBI, I wanted to expose the Middle East to top quality US engineered products that I was introducing to its markets, and at the same time, I was helping somewhat the US factories AGBI acted as their Export Managers to create and/or maintain jobs thru exporting their products to the Middle East.

That mission was fulfilling to me, both emotionally and professionally.
Money was not the objective. Making a living while doing what I love to do and have fun in the process in the two areas of the world I feel I belong to was the prime objective while guided all along by my core principles and values.

Abdallah G. Bseirani